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Arteq Rooftop Party ft. Interstellar Fugitives

It's getting warmer by the day so we thought we'd drop some more heat on ya'll. We take our Arteq vibe up high and invite powerhouse duo Interstellar Fugitives to send it good and proper for us; accompanied by back to back sets from Arteq residents Michete and Karl Devic, Jeremy and Stefan Knez & Kirk Chetcuti and Illuccio.

Set on the rooftop of Top Yard in Geddes Lane, Melbourne from 2pm - 10pm will see a school of ravers dance to the luscious techno and house on display from Arteq and guest. There's also some word that the set up will be central D Floor, giving everyone a bit more energy all day. Gather around. Come one, come all.

Art by Jackson Ruan

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