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Kirk Chetcuti launches new project WAVER. under Arteq Productions

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Kirk Chetcuti has come out and released his latest workings. A new bi-monthly Friday night at Brunswicks finest electronic music institution; My Aeon.

The night is focused on Kirk's musical vision, and will host carefully curated lineups consisting of Melbourne purists.

Showcasing their talents on the launch of this exciting new venture for My Aeon, Kirk Chetcuti and Arteq will be...

Chiara Kickdrum; a multi-dynamic DJ and live performer who has steered a steady and positive direction for herself in the Australian underground dance music scene. Classically trained, techno influenced and a force to be known, she continues to push boundaries and amaze people with every performance.

Eddie Hale; if you could judge an artist off original productions only, Eddie Hale would be at the top of your list. The talented taste maker has a huge library of world-class techno productions and has released on KMS, Intacto and Flash Recordings to name a few. Eddie represents deep, stripped back techno with a rough edge.


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Kirk Chetcuti; the driving force behind WAVER. is diverse performer and DJ Kirk Chetcuti. A resident for Arteq Productions, Warg, Euphorie Bezirk and White Noise Music for a reason, he can play. Kirk will spice things up for anyone familiar with his sound and will close the launch of WAVER. after Eddie Hale. Exciting!

Michete; the abstract DJ and producer that is Michete joins the WAVER. team as a resident. Michete is one of the most asbtract performers in the city, as he offers a library full of goods for any time slot. Kirk will have some fun throwing him around the place at future events. Michete warms up for Chiara Kickdrum on the launch and says he will get it pre-heated.

Karl Devic; the multi-purposed creative joins WAVER. for its launch and will open proceedings. Karl is a quality DJ, producer, photographer and filmer. When it comes down to the beats, expect a driving energy.

Moe Aloha; originally hailing from the East End of London Moe is a busy and talented DJ with plenty of experience. Moe Aloha gained early inspirations from The Pixies and Nirvana, then through his teenage years travelling through Spain he fell in love with electronic music and the powers within it. We are confident and very excited to have Moe on for the launch of WAVER.

Fosta; the brains behind President Press rounds off the WAVER. launch. Fosta is a Melbourne based DJ who represents a blend of progressive, melodic, and house sounds. He's known to find the perfect balance between serious and fun, and will take care of upstairs alongside Moe Aloha all night.



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