A moment with Germany's melodic star Florian Kruse

We took some time to ask German native Florian Kruse some questions ahead of his headline show at Arteq turns Four on Saturday May 25 at Shed 9. He joins good friend Raxon and UK's heavy hitter Mark Broom on the lineup for 2 events in 1 day hosted by Arteq. Read a bit more about Florian below. A nice, more personal cut.

  • Hey Florian. What have you been doing this week? Run us through a day in the life of Florian Kruse.[if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

Hey guys, I had an interesting week. Have been doing some new music, been checking on new demos, worked on some Sound Design and did a voice over recording for a TV commercial. This Morning (Friday) I woke up 6.50am. Like every Morning I started the day playing with my son for 30 minutes and then I made breakfast for the family. I brought him to Kindergarten and went to my studio. I’ve been checking on demos, bought a couple of tracks on Beatport and had lunch (Bibimbab) with my wife. A bit of studio time after that, picked up my son and we all went to a Vans Sample Sale in the neighbourhood. Found some good stuff there. In the evening I drove to the airport (BERLIN Tegel) and flew to Copenhagen where I am playing tonight.

  • You used to play and create alongside Nils Nuernberg. How was this? What was it like being in a duo? Was it a positive thing?

Yes, we’ve been doing a lot of music under the name ‘Kruse & Nuernberg ‘, been touring and spend maximum time together. Being a duo has advantages. Travelling together is one of them. On the other hand you always need to find compromises. It has positive and negative sides I would say.

>> Kruse & Nuernberg

  • How are your productions sounding at the moment? Whats on the agenda for this year?

My sound is pretty much ‘Melodic House & Techno’ and in the studio I really enjoy playing around with the 808 and 303 lately so you will notice those 2 machines in my upcoming productions. In the past I’ve been collaborating a lot with singers (Hendrik Burkhard, Brolin, Lisa Shaw...) - Now I am focusing a bit more on instrumentals. The year has been good to me so far. My first EP on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth label is coming out on April 19th. On May 3rd I make my debut on Kompakt (Speicher X) with a collaboration track called ‘Gotland’ together with Julian Wassermann and there is another release on Kompakt coming out later this year. This is like a dream comes true. I am still thrilled by the fact releasing with them. Other than that I’ve signed an EP to Lost On You which is a label that donates the income. I love to support that and had my first release with them in 2018. Number 2 is coming this summer. There is a remix for Dave Seaman’s Sela