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An interview with UK's finest in Mark Broom

We had a chat with UK's Mark Broom ahead of his double headline show with Arteq on Saturday May 25. He joins fellow heavyweights Florian Kruse and Raxon for Arteq turns Four at Shed 9, followed by The Afterparty at 28 Francis St.

Remember folks, buying a ticket for Arteq turns Four means FREE entry in to The Afterparty. That's a bargain.

Mark Broom is one of the most revered electronic music artists in today’s day and age. His three-decade professional career has stayed pure throughout and he continues to produce and perform the highest of techno and house quality. Year after year; release after release, Mark Broom holds his position, moves forward, and continues to impress; from starting his own label Beard Man to charting in both house and techno charts simultaneously. This will be Mark’s debut Australian DJ set, so we’ve asked him some questions to learn a bit more about the great dude before he takes over Shed 9 for Arteq turns Four and The Afterparty at 28 Francis St for an extended set.

Hey Mark. What are you up too today and this week?

Hello, I've been in my studio for most of this week trying to finish off some ideas & updating my USB stick for the upcoming gigs at the weekend.

You always seem to be releasing new music. How do you find balance between gigging around Europe and finishing so many songs?

As I'm not one of the super busy circuit DJ's I do get a lot of time to focus on the production side, I'm in the studio at least 5 days a week from 9am/6pm so you can imagine I get a lot of stuff done.

Are there any releases in the pipeline?

Yes I have just finished a new EP for Snatch (Riva Starr's label) which continues the vibe I had on my Rekids release, I had a reissue on 'Frame Of Mind' which is a dutch label run by Gerd Janson featuring tracks from a record I did in 1998 on Mosaic. I've also contributed a track for the upcoming Cocoon compilation series & then there are some remixes coming on Glitterbox, Knee Deep In Sound & Dext.

Follow our playlist on Spotify ^^

What do you use to produce music and what is your technical take on digital software vs hardware?

I do everything in the box now (Laptop/Ableton) but in the past I've used Hardware, during the 1990's & into the early 2000's most of my music was made using the classic Akai MPC 60/3000 & Novation/Nord Lead synths.


Beard Man is your label. You started off releasing Mark Broom and features and now have started to release other artists more regularly. Tell us a bit about the label and what you want from it, where you want it go and the sound you like projecting from it.

The label is just there for me to release stuff as & when I please, sometimes it's my music & other times it's from other artists, we don't have a direction or a long term goal. The music we put out it's usually straight up dance-floor vibes & this will continue, I'm hoping to get some more stuff out soon.

When has been your proudest moment in your illustrated career?

The fact i'm still here at 47 years old doing what I love, release wise I suppose being on Robert Hood's M-Plant label was a very nice high point.

When was the last time you were here in Australia and what did you get up to while here?

It was a while back on holiday with my wife visiting friends & family. This trip coming up will be my first DJ performance on Australian soil.


You’re playing two shows with us at Arteq and the fans are very excited. What are we in for?

Plenty of uplifting upfront beats with a handful of Broom dubplates!!!!

Okay, that sounds exciting ^^^^


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