An interview with Undercatt

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Hey Elia & Luca,

We are very honoured to be hosting you in Melbourne on Saturday February 15. We are big fans of your music, and your fan base down here is very strong. People appreciate when artists consistently release world-class music, and your work does not go unnoticed. We look forward to understanding more about you, before we get right into the party on Saturday February 15 at The Third Day.

Who were the both of you as artists before you united as one?

Before Undercatt started, we shared most of our experiences together in the underground scene. We were born and raised in Pisa, Tuscany, which is a pretty small city but always very active in terms of clubbing. We had our own collective throwing parties in different locations. We ran a club as promoters for 2 years, every weekend. Besides that, we were already DJing and growing our experience. We were separated as artists, but still very close as we are friends of many years.

Also in the studio, it was the same. We produced music by ourselves, but still confronting one to each other. Everything definitely changed when we made the decision to start producing music together and become a DJ duo. Best decision of our life!

How did the Undercatt name originate?

Oh it’s been a quite long process! And honestly, also a bit random. For some weeks we just started writing down names that we liked, some of them were very bad! At the end of that, we had a full page written with ideas, different names, or inputs. We wanted something with the “under(ground)” prefix in it, but still trying to make it special and unique. Something that would stand out, and most important to be unique. Mixing some other words with that, the CATT thing came out, from nowhere. We wrote it down several times to be sure, but we already knew that was our new identity in music. It felt cool and stuck on us immediately.

Luca, you first noticed Elia behind the decks as a 17-year-old boy. What did you see in him then?

Well at first, he was very tall! He was standing out in the crowd :) Jokes apart, his passion and his skills while DJing, while being just a teenager. He was different and way more mature than his peers. Even with small experience, he already had a great view over the dancefloor, when he was playing he was in control. Then we became friends, he was pretty clear to me that all he wanted to be was a producer and DJ in his life. That was made him feel good. So I did my best to help him approach production, as I had already started with that.


Elia, how did you feel after you made this new connection with Luca?