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ARCHIVE002 - A moment with Australian artist Eddie Hale

Everyone knows the electronic music scene breeds amazing producers mostly in the European capitals, though in Australia, a scene still climbing the ladder in reputable artists, breathes a bloke flying well under and above the radar. Eddie Hale, who resides in the inner city suburbs in a cute little abode, is consistently releasing some damaging techno material.

We hosted him on March 30, 2018 at The Penny Black, and damn. Eduardo knows how to move a crowd. The set was banging. He was playing a closing set, so straight into the techno he went. You can have a listen HERE.

Eddie is creating a nice path for himself with recent releases on KMS, Parabel, Dynamic Reflection and Intacto. He also recently just played at techno palace Tresor, Berlin. Enjoy his set HERE.

Are you lookin for some new techno for your sets? BUY HERE

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You can catch Eddie Hale at the launch of WAVER. A new night launching on Friday September 20 at My Aeon with a bi-monthly schedule.

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