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ATQPOD011 || Caine Sinclair

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Melbourne powerhouse DJ Caine Sinclair presented us with a beautiful 85 minute mix for the 11th Arteq podcast, with seamless transitions of deep, dubbed house and driving, energetic techno.

Caine has been DJ'ing for over two decades, and clearly demonstrates experience in the ATQPOD011 mix. We asked Mr. Sinclair a few questions to accompany the soundtrack, and you can catch the responses below.

We thank you Caine Sinclair, for creating this beautiful soundscape for Arteq and the surrounding community. Enjoy!


What direction did you take on the podcast?

I really wanted to showcase a few styles of music I love playing and listening to. My direction was to build slowly through the set from House to Techno with seamless transitioning between the styles.

What did you use to record the mix?

I played on 3 Pioneer CDJ's and recorded using the Tascam DR-40.

You played some tracks produced by local Melbourne talent. What tracks and by who? Yeah I’m loving some of the music that’s coming out from local Melbourne producers at the moment. Tracks I used were: Eddie Hale - Unwavering (Intacto), Eddie Hale - Variant 1 (Unreleased), Mickey Nox - Television [Hector Oaks Remix] (Green Fetish Records), Luke Alessi - I Led You [William Kiss Remix] (Motorik).

What inspires you to DJ?

I just love playing music to an audience. I played in a band all through high school and then transitioned straight into DJ'ing not long after finishing school. It’s just something I’ve always loved doing.

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