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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Traxion aka Brad Calleja gifts us with an hour of driving indie-dance, house and techno for ATQPOD012. Long time friend, and delicate selector, we knew it was time to put Traxion in charge of our late April edition. Enjoy the beats!

A big thank you to Traxion, for creating such an electrifying mix for the Arteq brand. Continue reading for some more depth from the artist himself.


What direction did you take on the podcast?

I kept to my unique style of new wave Indie-dance, up the tempo a bit more than I usually would with on this one and a lot of punk rock infused tracks.

What did you use to record the mix?

I used 2 CDJ 2000’s and a DJM 900 Nexus Mixer.

What artists are on your radar at the moment?

The artists that are on my radar and have been for a long time now would definitely be my personal favourites Marvin & Guy and one of the pioneers of the sound Curses.

What inspires you to DJ?

Since I can remember I’ve always wanted to DJ, I think inspiration changes all the time throughout your life from different artists to different genres. If it didn’t, it would get pretty boring. For me as a kid it would have to of been guys like Deadmau5 that started the inspiration and of course as time went on inspirations change. Also the amazing feeling of playing to a crowd that are loving it hearing the unique style of mine. That's a feeling I’ll never get enough of!

Where does the name Traxion come from?

Haha, well I was trying to think of a name for a new alias I was working on. I was at work one day up in a scissor lift while driving on concrete that was a little steep. Next minute the wheels are spinning while sliding down the hill, I yelled out “I’ve got no traction!” To my boss and laughed. Then at that moment I thought to myself “hey that sounds like a pretty cool name” it also can have multiple meanings like (trax - on) From then on it stuck! Also while on the topic, not sure how some have been getting it confused but yes, it’s pronounced “Traction” hahaha!





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