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ATQPOD013 || Marsh Long

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Marsh Long, a DJ new to the circuit, has made direct impact on the underground Melbourne scene with eclectic press shots and steaming, sexy techno to match. With the urge to hear some banging techno, we asked Marsh Long to supply the goods. Get up, and get moving. This is Marsh Long.

More below from Marsh Long and Arteq Productions.


What direction did you take on the podcast?

I treated this like a club mixt there were peaks and valleys, kinda like music that comes in waves. Every song needs to have a moment in itself.

What draws you to heavy, driving, techno?

The energy and confidence it gives you from within, I like to call it eargasm. Techno is great because it counts as every 4 beats, which is a rhythm that most people can move to.

Define your ideal dance floor track to play out.

It’s so hard to narrow it down to 1! Tracks that are produced by T78, A*S*Y*S, KlangKuenstler are staples in my sets. In terms of recently, I like the bassline from ‘ - Temptation’, great sound to get people moving, and ‘i_o - Replicate’ as a closing track to hit people in the feels.

What did you use to record the mix?

XDJ all in 1 controller.

What inspires you to DJ?

My love for music. I’ve pursued music since a very young age and I’m so glad to express EDM music through the art of DJ'ing.

What club or event are you headed to when isolation is over?

This one’s an easy answer, my second home, Revolver Upstairs, also known as church.





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