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ATQPOD014 || Marli

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Singer, songwriter, DJ and producer Marli takes us on a 60 minute journey of raw, jacking, grooving house and breaks.

Marli is an incredibly talented, humble artist. Her productions and mixes are unique, with a combination of eclectic percussion, vocal cuts, warming leads, and broken drums, all wrapped in beautifully detailed effects and filters.

We are honoured to have Marli grace the Arteq community with a fresh mix. Enjoy the beats!

More below from Marli and Arteq Productions.


What direction did you take on the podcast?

Sticking with my usual Chicago Detroit influenced sound, I wanted to go a bit heavier with this one, and definitely worked up a bit of a sweat recording it. Featuring a lot of the raw soul samples and filtered vocal cuts that I usually play in my sets, I mostly stayed away from newer releases in this mix, as almost all the songs I played were released over 15-20 years ago. There’s sprinklings of breakbeat and rave in there, but I wanted to keep it fundamentally deep house, inspired by the 90s and millennium house scene in the USA and UK.

What did you use to record the mix?

I used 2 x CDJ 850’s and a Pioneer DJM-700 4-channel mixer.

You produce and sing alongside DJ'ing. We are big fans of your productions. Explain what your intentions are when making your tracks.

Thanks so much I’ve studied music production for a long time, and try to reflect the same warm soulful house vibe in my originals that I showcase in my mixes. As a singer, I often incorporate vocal samples into my tracks, but am still trying to find the right balance between doing this, whilst staying away from writing a verse-chorus-verse-bridge type song, which often happens when I include TOO much vocal. Essentially, I want my music to sound warm, rich, and have a really good rhythm to it. Something dance-able. And more often than not, my music inadvertently falls under the lo-fi category because I’m a sucker for heavily filtered beats.

Are there any original productions in this mix?

There aren’t unfortunately, but I have some new tracks coming out soon that I’m excited to showcase!

What inspires you to DJ, produce & sing?

A lot of different things, but mainly I wouldn’t really know what else to do. I surround myself with music in every facet of my life, and am rarely not listening to music or digging through new artists, so it’s cool that I can contribute in a variety of ways creatively. Singing and production has always been something that I’ve loved and followed, but the DJ thing only really started in the last couple of years which has been incredible. I’ve always been a bit of a dance-floor fanatic, but never really thought I’d fit into that world as an artist, so getting to play gigs, and delving into new styles of dance music as a DJ and a producer has been so much fun, and I’m really excited to keep getting better at it.





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