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ATQPOD015 || Aldonna

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Crowd favourite Adriana Spaseska aka Aldonna takes the lead for the 15th Arteq podcast with a stunning mix of throwback house & electro blended with contemporary electronic elegance.

Aldonna, thank you for the amazing vibes on this mix. We love your work. Enjoy the listen!

More below from Aldonna and Arteq Productions.


What direction did you take on ATQPOD015? I think this mix is definitely a lot different and more experimental than any other mix I’ve made previously. It has a deeper, rave sound, with a bit of grunge and even some breaks ! As cliche as it sounds I wanted it to be a real journey with a lot of feel hitting old school vocal tracks. I’ve always been drawn to music that was produced in the early 90’s for some reason and lately that’s all I’ve been really listening to, so I think this mix really incorporates some of that kind of music along with a good balance of modern tunes.

What drew you to taking this direction?

Being early in my career, I am still finding my “sound” so to speak, and experimenting with what feels right and how I identify as an artist. I wanted to make a mix with music that I really truly love, with music that makes sing in my room at the top of my lungs. I wanted to take this opportunity to showcase some sounds that I don’t usually get the chance to play out in the open.

What did you use to record the mix?

Pioneer XDJXR2

You played at our Farm Yard Fundraiser event in January. Tell us about your experience there.

Where do I start ! What an amazing event that was. It was so impressive how quickly and well it was organised in such a short amount of time! It was definitely very unique, and I felt so honoured to have been able to contribute by doing something that I love, to help those that were affected so heavily by the horrific fire season.

What inspires you to DJ?

Music inspires me, the way it makes me feel, the way it makes others feel. It is truly a source of magic, it brings people together. It is a whole separate language in itself. Nothing else in the world makes me feel the way I feel than when I’m with music that I love, and when I can spread that love to other people through DJ'ing, it really is incredible and I never take it for granted!

Where do you want to be in 5 years and 20 years, both personally and professionally?

Personally- In 20 years I want to have a peaceful mind, be living more in the present moment, living through love, be surrounded by like minded people, still have all my loved ones around me in good health, have travelled the world and to have little mini me’s.

Professionally- Hopefully earlier than 20 years until this happens but I want to be producing and releasing tracks nationally and internationally, and playing large scale national gigs and international gigs.





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