ATQPOD026 || Wingman

The year 2020 brought us many months of waiting. We all had our own desires, something we just couldn't wait to do. Some wanted to dance, some wanted to see. Most just wanted to be.

For us, at Arteq, we were waiting for Seb Vanderbeken and Ranjit Nijjer, the two that make up Wingman, the unbelievably talented, dynamic duo, who for as long as we have been around (a 6 year glimpse), have been major influences in the Arteq journey.

The 26th Arteq podcast is brought to you by Wingman, and okay, you must strap in. Some absolutely elite techno is humming throughout this mix.

One thing we are obsessed with Ranjit & Seb's work is, their concept of 8 channel mixing. Combining elements and soundscapes from many tracks at once, to completely stripped back four to the floor techno.

Fellas, thank you. We are so grateful of the efforts, the quality, and the humility from both of you. This has been a long time coming, though we made it. We look forward to having you both play at an Arteq event soon <3

More from Arteq and Wingman below.

What direction did you take on the podcast?

We decided to start out quite deep and atmospheric so as to ease the listener into the experience while we eased into the experience ourselves. The way we play requires us to ‘sync up’ in more ways than one so coming out of the gates all guns blazing doesn’t always yield the best result. Once we got into a good groove, we allowed the intensity to naturally increase as the podcast went on; but with some dips and turns throughout to keep it interesting.

Why did you decide to go this way?

Years ago when we used to play as Wingman quite regularly, we both played pretty different styles of music to each other and also to what we both play now. Over time, our tastes have organically lined up a lot more, so we both just played the sort of music we’re both into at the moment, while making sure we didn’t put forward anything too complicated so as to overload the mix at any point.

Both of us aren’t really into some of the full-on pounding harder Techno that’s out there these days so we are more than happy to explore more nuanced and deeper sounds (while still building the intensity!).

What did you use to record this mix?

We used two independent Traktor set-ups controlled two four channel S4 controllers. We use the sync function within our own setups but then have to sync to each other by ear. When there’s 6-8 channels going at once, this isn’t always easy! We then go into a Pioneer DJM800 which acts as a bit of a master for us; that we can then use for additional effects, filters and some EQ shaping.

How did Seb Vanderbeken & Ranjit Nijjer end up together?

Initially we met through playing at each other’s events many years ago, but then became closer by working together as part of the local Techno ‘supergroup’ When The Smoke Clears. While we were part of that collective, we both ended up getting into using Traktor around the same time and initially decided to hang out to discuss using this new realm of DJing for us both. Pretty quickly though we floated the idea of trying to sync up our setups to play simultaneously as we’d seen some other people do it and thought it offered a whole new world of challenges and excitement beyond ‘traditional’ vs/b2b sets.

Where did the name Wingman come from?

We’d been playing together for getting close to a year at the start of 2014 but hadn’t really considered choosing a name for what we were doing so as to differentiate it from our own individual sets (and also to differentiate it from a standard vs/b2b set). That January we were playing at a theme camp event hosted by Machine at Rainbow Serpent Festival when someone came up with the idea of a competition to name our act while were playing. At the end of our set the winner was announced, as our good friend Emmymaie, resident from Machine had come up ‘Wingman’, and the rest is history.