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ATQPOD031 || Cassini Relay 'Local Space Network Mix'

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

The 31st Arteq podcast is here, with a special mix curated by the dynamic, multifaceted music enthusiast Cassini Relay.

Cassini Relay plays homage to the current Naarm / Melbourne lockdown by featuring a set nearly 100% comprised of Australian artists productions.

It's a beautiful gesture in a time of uncertainty, dysfunction, and vulnerability. Hearing this mix reminds us as a group at Arteq what talent we have in our backyard, and hopefully this can serve as a reminder for you too.

So thank you Cassini Relay, for shining a light on some of our cities finest creatives. The mix is diverse, emotive, raw, and completely unpredictable every step of the way. You have stepped up and delivered something very special here <3

CLICK to open mix in SoundCloud.

More from Arteq and Cassini Relay below.


What direction did you take on the podcast and why did you decide to go this way?

The intention of this mix was to feature (almost) 100% purely "Australian" born-or-based artist and showcase the extremely high amount of talent here, especially considering we’re in another Naarm-wide lockdown currently (June 2021) and I thought it was only right to shine the light on the good people who make up the scene here and acknowledge and pay respects to the original owners and carers of the land we dance upon.

What did you use to record this mix?

This mix is a combination of CDJs and wax, recorded into a laptop from a DJM800 REC output using a Jaycar RCA to 3.5mm jack adapter cable (haha), mastered by the one-and-only producer/engineer extraordinaire D-REX.

Why did you start DJing?

I started DJing out of pure necessity, after my first ever set in-front of a crowd where I played all originals off Ableton (I was maybe 14 or 15) and it was straight up TRASH. In that moment I realised I needed to up my game and up my collection pronto - safe to say I did it.

Where did Cassini Relay come from?

Cassini Relay also came out of a necessity to separate the club / dance-floor sound from original productions under the Hip-Hop and Bass Music focussed “KUFA” alias (a handful are dropping next week on Uncomfortable Beats and more independently throughout the year). Cassini was a spacecraft and space-research mission sent to study the planet Saturn, its rings and it’s natural satellites… I find Saturn to be the most captivating planet in our home solar system (it rains diamonds). This alias will represent itself as a collection of various transmissions of cosmic influenced sounds relayed from the Cassini mission as it learns from and travels through the cosmos.

You are the founder and brains behind the Sleep Deprivation brand. You have thrown some wicked events with some of the most thoughtful line-ups. We really love your work. Are you able to tell us how Sleep Deprivation came to be, what drives you to keep it going, and where you see it going in the near future?

Sleep Deprivation was simply the logical progression of my own tastes, being a part of a massive community of people who appreciated and cherished tightly curated and overtly experimental electronic music and further medias but noticing a great lack of such events and spaces in 2014 and creating a “home” for it in Naarm. In it’s 6 years of existence we have focussed on high production value events and toured and hosted some of our favourite local and international artists including Djrum, JPS (The Operatives), the Zenker Brothers, Ruby My Dear, Sinistarr, Marcus Intalex (RIP), Nightwave, Rob Clouth, Extrawelt, Pariah, Mr. Bill, kLL sMTH, Charles Oliver, AXON, Mindbuffer, Scratcha DVA and MANY more. Currently we are on an extended hiatus of sorts, refocussing our creative skills and gathering content to relaunch in 2022 as a new venture - Cultivating burgeoning talent in many different fields as well as producing and delivering a lot of highly experimental electronic media and creating a new home for our artists. Stay posted for the re-up.

There’s 10 minutes left before the world self destructs, what song do you put on?

Either “Attitude, Belief & Determination” by Martin L. Dumas Jr. or “Myrtle Avenue” by Floating Points.

Is there anything on your mind that you would like to say?

White Australia has a Blak History.



Boards of Canada - Skimming Stones (Edit)

Cassini Relay - Meditations (2015)

Damp Wet Body - Unharvested Sea

Gallery B - Unboxing

Joshua Harry Hall - Beauty In The Death Of It

Puscha - Delphane

Hosca aka Dr. Res - Rebirth

Chevel - Marker Shop

Kowton - More Games

Rambl - Doss

DJ JNETT - Bubbles Away

Korin Komplex & Pugilist - New Growth

Logic1000 - Derriére

Super Jim Z - Expedition

Consulate - Serpent

Chiara Kickdrum - Liquid Vision

Damp Wet Body - Simmer

Hodge - Flashback

Vinny Xavier - Chase The Void

Hyper Binary - Stillness

Vohkinne (aka Craig McWhinney) - Dysphoria

Lateral - Critical (D-REX Remix)

Cop Envy - Head Mark

Ben Fester - Play Doh

Penelope Two-Five - Observable Universe

Wurundjeri Elder Colin Hunter Jr - Wurundjeri Welcome to Country


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Sleep Deprivation

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