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Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Young guns David & Peter comprise of Common Tribe, a techno focused duo residing from the east of Melbourne. We have been gifted by these two lads with the 34th Arteq podcast, and it bangs, hard!

Turn the volume right up. Thank you boys, this is a steamer!

CLICK to open mix in SoundCloud.

More from Arteq and Common Tribe below.


Who is ‘Common Tribe’?

We are a duo composed of two highschool friends, David & Peter.

Originating from the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, we've always shared a strong passion for the gritty & experimental styles of EDM. Last year we decided to come together and combine our skills and passion in music.

What direction did you take on the podcast?

When Common Tribe was formed, we agreed to explore various sub-genres of Techno in our production and mixing projects. We wanted to showcase that in this podcast.

Opening the mix with an ambient electronic intro by KAS:ST, we slowly progress into more industrial & hypnotic rhythms. We had to include some heavy dancefloor stompers as well.

When and why did you start DJ'ing?

Peter: “I started DJ'ing about a year after I finished highschool, however I was experimenting with music from my mid teens. My first cousin was a part of the original TFU family, so I was exposed to underground dance music from a young age through him and his friends. Fair to say I gravitated to it pretty quickly.“

David: “Growing up with a musical family and music performance I’ve learned a deep appreciation for sound, musicality and rhythm. Leaving highschool I discovered an interest in sound design and production which led me to create my own unique styles of music. Quickly learning the skills of DJ’ing, I’m looking forward to more live performances.”

Your Instagram bio says 'Our definition of Techno' talk us through what that is.

Our style of Techno incorporates themes inspired from other genres; rhythms that hopefully give listeners a cathartic experience. We accomplish this by creating original work, and also mixing other artists released and unreleased work in mixes.

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

We're both looking forward to the same thing. (taking into consideration our current predicament because of COVID) We're keen to work on more production material with our time indoors. We've found a great process that we're really looking forward to building on.

Any upcoming gigs or anything exciting coming up for Common Tribe?

We're excited to share our debut original 'The Warlock' on the 3rd of September through Mercurial Tones Records. The track is part of their VA release called 'Resonate'. We'll be posting a sample of this shortly on our Soundcloud.

We've also just finished working on another original that we're incredibly happy with. Release information is still TBA.

There's 10 minutes left before the world self-destructs, what song do you put on?

Peter: “I'm definitely leaning towards a theatrical send off, so I'd pick Time by Hans Zimmer.”

David: “Night Melody by Rival Consoles.”


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