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ATQPOD041 || Luke Alessi

Internationally recognised, Melbourne star Luke Alessi has dropped a special mix to kick off 2022 featuring only his own productions, for the 41st Arteq podcast. You read right. Only his own music!!

These are the mixes you visualise as you start your journey of producing music. To release a full set of only your own creations, is a dream every producer has. Not only that, the music is of a world-class level.

That is what 9 years of consistent work will do for you. This is what Luke Alessi has done. Hopefully Luke can be a source of inspiration for aspiring artists out there. We are so glad to be able to facilitate this special mix for you all.

Here we have 58 minutes of beautifully crafted electronic music. Melodies that pierce the soul, bass that moves, exquisite percussion with pulsating frequency, leads that activate your serotonin, and so much more.

This really is a masterpiece. Thank you Luke. Keep gunning it brother. And we look forward to seeing you on the world stages!

More from Arteq and Luke Alessi below.


What direction did you take on the podcast?

I decided to do a set comprised completely of all my own music. From unreleased to recently released originals, remixes and edits.

Why did you decide to go this way?

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to play my music live to an audience so I wanted to show everyone what I’ve been up to and what they can expect from me in 2022.

What did you use to record this mix? I did this mix on my trusty XDJRX controller. It records straight to WAV on the USB so it was perfect.

You are such a skilled producer. What drives you to produce music?

I honestly just love it. I could probably rattle off a million different reasons as to why I produce music but honestly I’m obsessed with sitting in my studio and making music that helps me express how I’m feeling. It’s what I would want to do in my ‘time off’. I’ve managed to turn a passionate hobby into a full time job and I couldn’t be happier in that sense. It’s like once I’m in the studio I’m just free to be me.

The last two years you have really developed a name for yourself. What moment do you cherish most?

There is no real defining moment if I’m being honest. I’ve been producing for the better part of 9 years and I can’t say there has been a single moment that stands out above the rest because as I reflect back there are so many points in time that have crafted me into the artist/person I am today and for that I’m grateful for all of them, the good and the not so good. The moments of me dancing around in the studio to a new beat I’ve made, to me playing them on a packed dance floor in front of thousands of people are both just as good.

What’s in the pipeline for 2022?

Well more music that’s for certain. I can’t give too much away but I have some pretty big releases coming up with some of my favourite International labels. In terms of shows, in the current world we are in it’s impossible to be certain about anything but I’d love to head to Europe and start to play some more shows over there. That's always been a big goal of mine. But we will see where 2022 takes us.




What do you see for yourself in the next 3-5 years? What have you accomplished?

As mentioned above I hope I’ll be playing over in Europe. I’d love to be able to say that in 3-5 years time I’ve played plenty of International shows, released a few albums, started my own record label, do some charity work and just be in a position to give back as much as I can.

There’s 10 minutes left before the world self destructs, what song do you put on?

Mmmmmmmm that’s tough. An odd choice, but I’d have to say Strobe by Deadmau5. It just holds such beautiful memories for me in high school with my friends blissing out to it and it goes for 10 mins also so it should time perfectly haha.

Is there anything on your mind that you would like to say?

It’s been such a tough few years for everyone, but especially people within the arts industry. I just think we need to not be disheartened by all the external circumstances, keep creating and raise the vibration through art! Love you all


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