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ATQPOD065 || Mia Fête

Passionate muso and explorer Mia Fête joins us for the 65th Arteq podcast, with a mix of heavy, heaving, heavenly techno.

Mia brings together world-wide sounds and experience through her extensive travel abroad and creates a set to remember.

Get ready for one of Mia Fête's hottest sets, it slams long and it slams hard. Thank you Mia. Enjoy the beats fam!

CLICK to open mix in SoundCloud.

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What direction did you take on the podcast?

I don't have a particular direction in my set rather I create them according to how I feel at that moment as an artist regarding hard techno.

Why did you decide to go this way?

I consider that I am currently connecting with industrial hard techno but my sets always have a lot of influence from my Latin background, I love groove rhythms.

What did you use to record this mix?

2 CDJ 900 Nexus & DJM 800.

What is the favourite gig you have played and why?

Probably the first time I played with Plexus at Subclub, it was certainly memorable.

I was very nervous but I connected so much with the ravers. That club is very special to me, I love the underground environment, its audience loves the art itself.

What’s in the pipeline for the rest of 2023?

In a few weeks I'm heading to Europe and then Latin America.

I define myself as a traveler as main profession, so I have open months without many plans other than allow me be guided by life and let me surprise.

No doubt, it is a work trip due to I go because of music, but it is also a very artistic trip, with an open mind.

What do you see for yourself in the next 3-5 years? What have you accomplished?

I hope I have solved my residency procedures for those years, once I have that process done I will dedicate full time to music production in different areas, for sure.

I am very grateful for everything that I have had to experience,

I am having such a great time, this is already an achievement.

Having the privilege of finding and dedicating myself to my passion is my greatest achievement.

There’s 10 minutes left before the world self destructs, what song do you put on?

Hard Techno sounds very ad-hoc to that scenario haha.

Anything of SveTec for sure.

He's my fav producer.

Is there anything on your mind that you would like to say?

To anyone who reads this interview, thanks for your time, I hope you enjoy this set done with passion and above all, believe in yourself.

What the musical journey has taught me the most is that human beings are capable of expansion, the limitations are only mental.


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