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ATQPOD066 || DJ Funk Ya (Vinyl Set)

Young gun Harry Isherwood aka DJ Funk Ya gifts us with a special vinyl only mix for the 66th Arteq podcast.

Harry, long time Arteq friend, is a music connoisseur, and this mix is nothing short of delicious. He weaves together 50 minutes of house and techno on the OG vinyl set up with seamless precision.

Thank you DJ Funk Ya. We will see you rocking an Arteq dancefloor soon. Enjoy the beats fam!

More from Arteq and DJ Funk Ya below.


Introduce yourself DJ.

Hey I'm DJ Funk Ya, a music lover and up and coming Melbourne DJ.

I love spending time digging through crates and especially reviving old records.

I've build some of my closest relationships through music and had some of the best experiences of my life on dancefloors, including with the Arteq crew!

Who are some of your favourite artists atm?

I really like what the Live From Earth Klub crew is doing from Berlin with MCR-T leading the charge, and there's always quality music coming from the UK house scene. I've been digging some recent releases from James Andrew & Desert Sound Colony.

Tell us about your favourite set that you've ever played/experienced?

Playing my first gig at Killing Time was so special. I spent a long time mixing in my bedroom dreaming of that opportunity. I had about 30 of my friends packed into the back bar and it went off!

What do you hope to accomplish in 2023?

Continue digging for records and getting myself out there with gigs and new mixes. I've started to play around in the studio too and hope to release some of my own productions in time.

There's 10 minutes left before the world self-destructs, what song do you put on?

It has to be the original mix of Floorplan - Never Grow Old. I'll happily go to that.

Anything fun, exciting, or special coming up for you?

Always. I'm finding opportunities to get my mixes out there and even run some of my own parties.

Longer term I'm looking forward to a full summer of festivals and some extended travel next year.


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