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Chiara Kickdrum and Eddie Hale

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Chiara Kickdrum -


Born and raised in Torino, Italy, Chiara is a Melbourne-based composer, DJ and musician. Her artistic appreciation and blend of music disciplines allow her to produce an eclectic range of musical outcomes. Classically trained in piano in Italy and later exposed to electronic music after moving to Melbourne in 2004, Chiara has since moved into a well respected position in the Melbourne Techno movement through her dedication to a refined DJing technique and production of electronic music. This eventually led to extra studies in sound art and design at RMIT University, extending her interests into composition and sound design for screen. Chiara’s work now ranges across composing and producing music and sound design for film and commercials, creating electronic music for live performance, composing soundscapes for immersive environments and art installations, and the experimental use of field recordings with analogue and digital synthesis. Over her DJ career, Chiara has performed at a range of venues across Melbourne, supporting international DJs such as Robert Hood and Ben Sims, as well as appearing at White Night, Melbourne Music Week, L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and Dark Mofo in Hobart. In the past year, Chiara has continued her interest in musical composition, performing and DJing while also gaining practical audio engineering experience at GASinc, one of Melbourne’s leading sound design and music companies. Chiara is currently producing music for picture at the Electric Dreams studios.




Eddie Hale -


Recent years have seen a steady output of original material from Australian producer, DJ and remixer Eddie Hale on a number of pivotal labels such as classic Detroit label KMS Records, Dutch labels Dynamic Reflection and Intacto and his new collaborative project ‘Ritus’ saw its debut on Swedish label Parabel.

His discography to date shows a flow of releases that have progressively grown into a signature sound that truly reflects his unique personality and taste; offering the discerning listener and dancer alike an experience that surpasses the status quo.

Bubbling under a low profile and aspiring to the mission laid out by early techno pioneers are traits Eddie holds dear; futuristic music that builds on the tried and tested formulas, propelling him forward to create music that will hopefully inspire others and himself - refining and learning with each experience.

The typical set from Eddie is planted firmly, but not limited to, a 4/4 techno experience that branches and twists, with excursions into a myriad of house, acid, broken beats and ambient aesthetics that complete the puzzle - a dynamic journey with energy and soul.


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