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Eddie Hale - Dormancy EP

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Inspired by the Detroit legacy, coupled with his own flavour of soulful & futuristic techno, Eddie Hale embodies a rich and revolving sound. Over a decade of work leads the Australian artist to a special closing of 2020, starting with an exceptional EP on Andre Kronert’s vinyl label ODD/EVEN, including a remix from Jon Hester, which will be the precursor to Eddie’s new label project ‘Denude’.


Eddie Hale began exploring electronic music in 2003. Embodied in a heritage of classical to contemporary music, it wasn’t until he engaged in seminal records like Nightmares on Wax – Smoker’s Delight and Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works that the electronic spark was ignited. Eddie was immediately influenced by the cutting-edge 90’s and early 00’s Detroit legacy, followed by a move to Berlin, which, as he recalls “had a big impact on me through the freedom experienced there, but also the heavy ‘Berlin luft’ atmosphere, which I found really moving.”

2008 saw the start of Eddie’s DJ career; as he cut his teeth with house and electro in home town Melbourne. Reflecting on this period, he acknowledges, “those early days really cemented my love for it, being given the opportunity to perform at iconic Australian festivals like Strawberry Fields and Rainbow Serpent.” 2014 saw Eddie travel across the globe to display his hard work in Amsterdam at ADE, a set at Mardi Gras 2017 in Sydney, followed by a 2019 trip to Berlin’s notorious Tresor. His productions consist of rich, swirling, synthesised chords; raw drum patterns and deep grooves. The Eddie Hale sound is soulful, futuristic and full of energy - filled by techno, breaks and ambience. This versatility, coupled with sound production prowess has inevitably led him to collaborations, projects and releases with some of the finest artists and labels from Berlin to Detroit.

Notable mentions include 2015 EP’s on Flash Recordings, and DJ300’s Motech followed by acclaimed cuts on respected imprints Intacto Records and Kevin Saunderson’s classic KMS. More recently, mid2019 saw ‘Ritus’, an alias between Eddie and Ray Kajioka on Swedish label Parabel. 2020 will play base for new material on ODD/ EVEN, Andre Kronert’s bespoke vinyl label, with a remix by Jon Hester included. Subsequent to this comes the launch of record label ‘Denude’ a new special project by Eddie, consisting of vinyl releases, supported by remixes from Joel Mull and TWR72.


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