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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Written by Tomasina Dimopoulos Video by Karl Devic


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At a time when your country is in literal flames, when houses are being burnt to the ground, animals and people are losing their lives, and the environment is suffering greatly, throwing a party in response may seem like a very strange thing to do.

However, through organising a pop-up rave within the homie farm lands of Werribee South, Arteq Productions has raised substantial funds to support major Australian bushfire appeals.

In the quiet, vegetable-smelling fields on the western outskirts of Melbourne, we found ourselves in a large open shed fitted with a doof-esque triangular art installation, a moody backdrop of multi-coloured lights, a high-quality sound system, colourful streamer decor hanging from the roof and a whole bunch of chrippy punters having a boogie.

The funky electronic sounds lured us to the concrete dancefloor, where we spent our time connecting with others and sippin’ on beverages – in total admiration of the efforts that went into creating the farm yard fundraiser.

Earlier in the day, attendees feasted upon a donation-based sausage sizzle with one generous soul paying $200 for a single snag! Tickets for the event were $30 each, with $5 express massages from a qualified osteopath also available on site. All profits were donated to CFA Victoria & Zoo's Victoria.




With the intention to inspire others to manifest similar festivities for worthy causes, a few days post-party I reached out to one of Arteq’s crew members, Anthony Michetti, who divulged the humble essence behind this event.

Can you explain who/ what is ‘Arteq’? Arteq Productions is a multifaceted organisation that focuses on events, production and media in music and arts industries. Arteq has been operating for five years now, and we have created over 30 events since our humble beginnings.

Where did the idea for this event come from? The idea for the Farm Yard Party came from a group of young adults out in Werribee South. They had hosted an event with just 60 friends on New Year’s Eve, and they had pitched the idea of hosting an Arteq fundraiser event on their farm to us only 15 days before the event. We were instantly interested, with a strong desire to help our country in any way we could. We picked a mutual date that fit (which was the 18th of January), and got straight to work, as we knew there was plenty to do to run a financially successful, safe, and enjoyable event.

How did you put the event together in such a short timeframe; what was involved? There was quite a bit involved. Our first priority was booking DJ’s to play the show, then to make some artwork. We then created a private event listing on Facebook, with private links to tickets; we wanted to keep the show exclusive and invite only, so we had control over the people that arrived. This way, we were able to invite only people we trust would keep the environment as safe as possible.

After creating the online listings, we needed the co-operation of external suppliers to make the event work out logistically. What did we need? First up was toilets, wristbands, a generator and a sound system.

Numerous phone calls and emails back and forth to find the best solution for the event continued; if we could find a supplier to work alongside us for free, then we would have more money to donate to the bushfires.

Companies jumped at it. For free, we managed to have toilets from AFT Hire, a generator from Kennards Hire, wristbands from Tickets on Demand, decor from Bad JuJu Collective, and Cavern Sound Studios supplied the huge sound system at an incredible discount. AV&G Costa also supplied sausages, bread, and cooking equipment, as well as cooking the Charity BBQ on the day.

We then had to create shift work for our friends that were volunteering. As it was on a farm, we had to make sure we had workers at every point of the event. This included the front gate, carpark, entry point, BBQ, and the massage tent. It wouldn’t have worked without the help of everyone. It was a pure collaboration between all different types of organisations and people; we are so glad to have facilitated it.

What does raising money for the bushfire appeals mean to the Arteq crew? It means a lot to us. We are part of the help process. If the fundraiser is within our physical, mental and emotional capabilities, then why not? It means more to the people receiving the funds than to us, we are just happy to help.

What role do you think music plays in times like these? Music plays a significant role. Like many things; it brings people together. We are just happy that Arteq and its values can be a part of the bigger picture.

How much money did the event raise in total? The event raised a total of $12,076.15.

Will you be doing more fundraising events in the future? Yes, for sure! This event has opened up a huge window of opportunity for the brand to continue with charity-based concepts. We are even aiming to make these parties our best out of the lot.

What can we expect to see from Arteq in the near future? More charity & concept-based events, and more news and media relating to the music, arts and entertainment industry.

So there you have it; through kindness, generosity, vision and a pinch of tenacity, great things can be achieved in little time. I encourage anyone who is contemplating a similar concept to go for it! Reach out to your connections, bring your ideas to life and put your positive intentions out there; you may be surprised at the response you get.

Most of us want to help in times like these, but often feel helpless to do so. If you’re not an initiator yourself, there are still plenty of ways to help through supporting the endeavours of others and giving what you can. Whether it be in monetary form, volunteering your time or simply spreading the word and creating awareness, we can all contribute in one way or another.


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