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Interview with electronic star Raxon

Raxon returns to Arteq for a 2nd year running, and we know you’re excited fam. He played two of the most mesmerising sets at Arteq turns Three and The Afterparty and having him back is giving us the tingles. The Egyptian born, Barcelona based part human, part robot has released 2 huge EP’s in that short time frame. One on Solomun’s Diynamic Music and one on Michael Mayer’s Kompakt imprint. Both have gained world wide traction, and the year has been busy for Raxon as he plays regular shows throughout Europe. We had no choice, we knew he had to have him play. Let the magic happen.


Raxon, we’re back again. What have you been doing this week?

Looking forward to reunite with you guys again, so much fun last time, great crew :)

Just played Brunch in Barcelona on Sunday, plus a mad afterparty and currently getting ready for Unannounced Vol.2 this Saturday, ive got an insane secret guest, you’ll definitely find out by the time this interview comes out.

You just released some absolute gems on Diynamic and Kompakt respectively and we have some footage of you playing it before release at our birthday last year. How long have you had these tunes under wraps and tell us what this meant to you to release on such iconic labels

Yeah i remember, i was actually still testing them out and they were not officially signed yet to either Diynamic of Kompakt, we will still in talks about them. I'm constantly working on new tracks so some of them might be even a year old and some just a few months, but the point is to make something that will work still sound good later as well.

It means a lot to me ofcourse. Its always a dream goal for any producer in this genre to release with them, it just needs some patience and determination. The patience part is not so easy given the speed of things everything is at now. but trust me, its worth it in the end.

How are the productions looking now? Whats coming up with Raxon the producer?

This seems like it will be an interesting year with music coming out on Cocoon and Drumcode later this year and also I'm back on Ellum with a 4 track EP, plus a couple of remixes as for some cool artists and bands.. u might just hear a couple at the gig ;)

The last year has seen you continue to grow. It’s amazing to see. Whats the best thing about it all? What happens in the day to day life where you say to yourself, I love this and I’m going to keep pushing.

Thanks :) I'm just happy the people are digging and enjoying the music. i love making it and always want to try to make something interesting for the dancefloor.



Tell us about the direction you took on your Kompakt and Diynamic mixes.

I always try to create some kind of mood to a mix, a journey into different genres if wanna call it that

Are you excited to play alongside fellow compatriot Florian Kruse and techno mastermind Mark Broom?

I have a very long history with Florian, he was there in the very beginning and its so good to meet on the road and play together. I've never met Mark but i'm looking forward to :)


You played with us last year. How was it from your perspective?

Totally loved it, and cant wait to see what you guys have planned this time. I'm sure its gonna be dope.

What can we expect from you this time around?

Lots of upcoming rax originals and remixes and a lot of fun.


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