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Undercatt Event Review by Daniel Cope

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Thriving journalist Daniel Cope reviews the Undercatt Open-Air Warehouse Day Party in a fun, quirky manner. Enjoy the read, and thank you Daniel.


Undercatt: A name birthed from two like-minded artists seven years apart but a passion closer than ever. This Pisa raised partnership spawns a duality of bracing melodies and malicious basing.

Tracks like Brittania, Futura and Atlantico prove these Mediterranean musicians are consistently on the forefront of the global house & techno spectrum.

Originally signed under Solomun’s revered label Diynamic, they now embark around the globe representing their own label Notturna turning heads like they turn tables every stop of the circuit, next stop, Melbourne.

Nestled in the industrial estates of North Melbourne, a warehouse named The Third Day manufactures a different form of production than it’s neighbours.

As one approaches what you would assume to be the rumbling echoes of an assembly line quickly becomes clearer to be a line of assembling bass projecting out to the streets alerting the restless renegades of Melbourne of where to go, who to see and more importantly what to hear.

Now drawn in by these hypnotic grooves, I'm greeted with a brick laced tapestry of murals, the grey skies contradicted by the paint soaked canvas that surrounds the dance-floor.

This industrial template resurrected by street art & music pays homage to the early Berlin Techno Movement after the fall of the wall.

A space that once upon a time may have lifted boxes now lifts the spirit. Smiles are wide with techno pride as each thump of the kick drum ricochets off the concrete walls and into the hearts of these rebellious bodies.

And who’s supplying this aura of audio you ask?

A stellar projection of Melbourne’s sequestered stars.

Usually masked by the city’s night lights of nightlife, today they are viewed with a vivid vibrancy.

Jeremy Daeng sparking the fire from the start with a far from standard set that sets the standard far.

Followed by Michete, putting his name in motion as he cuts transitions with precision. Each track a swing of a sword slicing any social barriers of the dance-floor.

The progression of the day is met with the meticulous mixing methods of Dave Juric & Rollin Connection, as they inject a progressive dose of techno that’s sure to cure any disease of event unease.

In need of voicing my opinion about all this, I head to the smokers where my words are forced to termination by the already thriving conversation. The agenda of this social centre covers all the ABC’s.

Artist Aficionados: “Brittania has to be Undercatt’s best song!”

Beverage Banters: “You couldn’t out-drink me if my liver was tied behind my back”

Club Contemplators: “I reckon we could easily run a club together”

These discussions are halted as the clock strikes 5:30 and a hive-minded rush of rapture runs through the crowd as Undercatt, one of the finer duos out of Italy since Mario & Luigi approach the turntables.

But there’s no playing around, these boys are in business. But who says you can’t mix that with pleasure?

Each drop instigating leisure at the ultimate measure.

The venue now a vehicle, transporting the crowd on a European expedition of melodic techno providing a cultural collage of the continent’s creatives. Some stops on this journey highlight the melody, other bass-lines, the remainder breed new dance rituals through this tribe.

Before we know it, this three-hour visa has expired, our passports now stamped with the Undercatt seal of a signature sound.

This calls for a hard-earned meal but relieving a hunger crave at the rave, usually entails a 10-minute dispute with security all to earn yourself a passout and a questionable kebab. Although in this case, the only argument you’re having is with yourself and the options on the menu of the Ba & Me food truck parked in the corner of the venue.

Take it from me, a pork belly roll on the dance-floor is one of the best combinations since fries with your burger, and just as messy.

Speaking of combinations, the closers of the night JYDN & Amuze are providing enough heat to warm the heart of Gladys Berejiklan. A scorching serenade to the artists, organisers and crowd alike for their collaboration in this operation of sound elation.

As the music breaks to silence, the memories are painted loud, endowed to the crowd that disperse onto the North Melbourne streets. Some going to the after-party for round two, others off for a warranted rest, the remainder returning to their home bases to celebrate a day well done.

But all now intact with the Undercatt impact.


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